You Can Make It Through This

October 22, 2015


The past two weeks we have been considering this idea of overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed. So today I want to continue that as we look at how the time we each have now been reserved for God (hint hint, cough cough), has the capacity to change our lives and propel us forward.


Psalm 23:4 (NKJV) says:
"yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me."


Amplified Version reads this way:
"even though I walk through the [sunless] valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod [to protect] and Your staff [to guide], they comfort and console me."


There are certain passages of scripture that the more you read, the better you should feel and for me this is one that does it every time. It is something special about the personal tone the writer uses, that it causes me to reflect over the fact that no matter what I am facing God is right there with me.

Too often we allow the challenges we face to distract us from the fact that God is still in control, we forget that He is still with us in the midst of our trials and tests. Which is why you cannot afford to miss your meeting with God, because it's in your private time with Him that you get to be refueled and reminded with His truth.


Do I have any witnesses that life has the ability to knock you completely off your square? You wake up feeling encouraged but by 10 o'clock, you can be found having to deal with just silly stupid people that send your flesh into another place! Personally, I believe that those kind of people have often been summoned by the devil to simply frustrate your life.

For many of us, it is long overdue for us to have a conversation with our emotions to tell our frustrations, fears, and our feelings that our FAITH in is charge. 


Regardless of what happens and regardless of what the circumstance is that you may be facing, you have to learn how to tell that no good, lying devil that you are COMING THROUGH that situation. That despite of how tough the situation may seem and in spite of how confusing life may get- I'M GOING TO RIDE IT OUT knowing that God is right here with me!


Just because you are rolling with God, does not mean you are exempt from tests and trials. However during the times where you feel like nobody else understands your pain or you find yourself feeling lonely and going through a dark valley, you can find comfort today in knowing that like the song lyrics say, that if God doesn't move the mountain, He'll give you the strength to climb over it."

David says even though I'm in a dark place, I'm going to keep walking through this valley, till I make it to the other side. Look at at his pace, he's not running- He's walking through it. 


Valley experiences are unavoidable, but while we are going through, if you just keep walking knowing that God is with you then you gain the confidence to send yourself a text message to remind you "I'm not staying here but I'm going to make it through this and experience my promise from Him."

No matter where you are today, you can refuse to get discouraged by relying on God’s presence! 


How different would our lives be, if we lived like we knew that God was with us? You can stop worrying about some stuff when you recognize, realize, and rest in the fact that God is with you!


Whatever you may be facing today, put a reminder for yourself that "no weapon formed against you will prosper." It’s during dark valleys that our faith is the most tested. And sometimes in life, you’ve just got to learn how to “ride it out” knowing that with Him protecting and providing that you can make it.


It is the fourth quarter of the year, you've come too far and He has brought you too far to begin to doubt Him now.


My prayer is that you continue to trust God for the grace to move forward, taking the time to seek Him and His will and watch Him work in your life. 


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